Pocket Prayer Square

I like to make prayer shawls. It makes the meditative quality of knitting or crochet even stronger when I repeat my simple prayer as I go along. Don’t get me wrong I get distracted and start thinking about what groceries I need  – but it’s easy to get back on track. Years ago I started a prayer shawl ministry at my church. It is one of those wonderful things that continues on without much maintenance. But prayer shawls, depending on the pattern, can be a large project. When I want or need something quick to send off, I often make a little square that can fit in your pocket. This time of year it also seems more appropriate. And it’s a great way to use up bits of yarn.

I have only made a crochet version of a pocket prayer shawl. I found a few patterns on Ravelry and tweaked them. I liked the concept and texture of the ones I found but not the proportions. I thought I would share my little pattern with you. Make a few and send them off to anyone who might need a little extra care.

CH 13

Row 1 – Starting in the second chain form the hook, SC in each chain (11 SC total) CH1, turn

Row 2 – SC in each stitch across (11 SC total) CH1, turn

Row 3 – SC5, PC1, SC5, CH1, turn

Row4 – SC in each stitch across (11 SC total) CH1,  turn

Row 5-12 – Repeat rows 3 and 4 (4 times)

Row 13 – SC1, PC1, SC1, PC1, SC1, PC1, SC1, PC1, SC1, PC1, SC1,  CH1 turn

Row 14 – SC in each stitch across (11 SC total)

Row 15 & 16 – Repeat row 3 & 4

Row 17 – SC in each stitch across (11 SC total)

Row 18 – Without turning, HDC 3 in corner, HDC around, putting 3 HDC in each corner, slip stitch in the beginning HDC.

PC – popcorn stitch, SC – single crochet, HDC – half double crochet, CH – chain

Popcorn stitch: Make 3 DC in the same stitch, take the hook out of the loop of the last double crochet and insert in the top of the first DC. Hook the loop you dropped and draw it through the stitch. Pull tight and then CH1

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