Why you should go to Rhinebeck when it’s not NYS Sheep and Wool #1

Come to the Hudson Valley of NY, come anytime. It’s beautiful and has a lot to offer. Full disclosure, I live 15 minutes for the DC Fairgrounds where the NYS Sheep and Wool festival is held. And I want to share why you should come visit.

I can’t fit it all in one post, so this is the first in a series of blog posts about why you should visit my neck of the woods any old time. This post is going to focus on the yarn shops.

Your first stop should be A.L. Stickle in the village of Rhinebeck. First of all this is a cool 5 and dime. They have everything, I mean it, everything. But in the back, there is The Knitting Garage, a beautiful collection of yarn and patterns. Plus a nice spot to sit and ponder a project or knit something up. This is a hidden gem for sure.

Next head north to The Warm Ewe. This little store in Chatham NY is a fun stop. A small shop with a big table for classes in the back, they have a lot of patterns written by the owners and always some great samples knit up for inspiration. The shop owners are always ready to lend their help.

And I suggest you visit White Barn Farm Sheep and Wool. Housed in a beautiful old barn, they have their own yarns produced right there from their flock of Cormo sheep. They also carry some other great local yarns.  A small shop, it’s still well worth a visit, plus they just added a café. This is as close to farm to garment as we can get without owning the sheep.

My next post will be about places to eat, then another will be about hikes and parks. Last, I will put together a post about how to put plan your visit.

Here are links to the websites for the shops mentioned here:




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